Oak Park is a Chicago suburb that borders the west side of the city in Cook County. It is a popular neighborhood that offers easy access to the Chicago Loop in downtown Chicago mostly thanks to numerous friendly methods of public transportation, including the Chicago L, CTA buses and the Metra commuter train. There are a wide variety of different options available for residents as far as Chicago apartments are concerned, with different neighborhoods each sporting different architecture styles and other characteristics. Floor refinishing

Although Oak Park does not take up much space geographically, it contains several neighborhoods that are distinct, with the northern half being comprised of richer neighborhoods such as the Frank Lloyd Wright District and Lake Street. The mid section between Lake Street and Madison Street is the home to various income levels, and neighborhoods meeting a variety of financial needs. The southern part is designated more for the average income earner, with most apartments renting for much less than those in the north.

Oak Park Chicago apartments come in a variety of different sizes, styles and rent requirements based on their neighborhood location, as it is generally broken up into different neighborhoods by demographic. Northern Chicago apartments tend to be pricier than those that are found in the southern end of the neighborhood. Individuals and families with mid to high incomes can appreciate the apartments found in the middle of the suburb, as here the greatest variety of different apartment styles can be found.

Oak Park Chicago is often regarded for its architectural style and history, as a number of well known architects and builders have left their mark in this unique suburb. Some of the more unique Chicago apartments are architectural treasures that follow the architectural styles from the 19th century as well as the 20th century. Notable architects who have left their mark in Oak Park, Chicago include Frank Lloyd Wright, John Van Bergen, E.E. Roberts, George W. Maher and Robert C Spencer. Richard Bock, William Eugene Drummond, Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahoney Griffin have all also left their mark, having worked in Frank Lloyd Wright’s studio as well.

There is a wide variety of different apartment types for prospective renters within the area, including charming, vintage style buildings with authentic hardwood floors, and modern style apartments that have sprung up in recent years of new construction. Oak Park Chicago apartments have a lot to offer, including vintage courtyard buildings that were built in the 1920s, offering larger floor spaces and inexpensive rent requirements, and modern mid-rise apartments built within the last thirty years or so with greater amenities and slightly higher rental amounts. Two and three flat buildings have become popular choices in terms of Chicago apartments because they offer vintage style from the 1900s coupled with cozy spaces and inexpensive costs.