The first synthetic plastic was made in the early 1900s. Since the start of the plastics industry, worldwide production increased from about 1.5 million tons in 1950 to a high 348 billion tons in 2017.

Countries around the world are fighting to reduce the amount of plastic waste. For example, China decided in 2018 that it would no longer accept plastic waste from foreign countries, which would end up in landfills instead of recycling centers. As a result, the US significantly reduced its scrap plastics exports.

To reduce plastic waste in the UK, Clearbee promotes and encourages the use of alternatives and offers plastic rubbish removal and recycling solutions. Read on to learn the top 3 tips to reduce plastic rubbish and contribute to the protection of the environment through resourceful rubbish removal.

Use Your Own Shopping Bag

Whenever you leave your house, take a small and reusable shopping bag with you. This way, you’ll always be prepared for any on impromptu shopping. On the other hand, if you’re going to the groceries store, take plastic-lidded containers, cooler bags, strong shopping bags and produce bags. For fruits and vegetables, choose a washable bag. You won’t need to ask for single-use plastic bags at the counter. Some retailers offer paper or cardboard bags, which are also a good alternative to use.

Reusable Water Bottles and Coffee Cups

Instead of buying bottled water, take a reusable water bottle with you whenever you go out. This way, when you’re thirsty, you’ll always have water with you. It reduces the amount of single-use water bottles you purchase, which, in turn, contributes to the protection of the environment. What’s more, you’ll find a wide variety of reusable coffee cups on the market, which you can use to drink your morning coffee on your way to the office. And instead of drinking your coffee at the office from a single-use plastic cup, use a thermos. Clearabee offers efficient rubbish clearing services to clear up any waste at the office.

A Green Team at the Office

Discuss the issues caused by plastic waste with your employees or colleagues and create a green team at the office. The team can monitor and audit plastic waste and remind the rest of the staff about the costs and negative impact associated with plastics. Considering that a large part of the waste seen in offices comes from objects, which employees bring in, having a green team on board is highly efficient. Educating your team about the alternatives available to plastic items will result in reduced plastic waste. The green team can influence employees over what to buy, what alternatives to use and offer insights on any questions associated with plastic waste.

Recycling with Clearabee

Clearabee is a professional rubbish removal company, which diverts about 90% of rubbish from the landfills. The team actively offers support to all residential and commercial clients in terms of rubbish removal and recycling. Contact the specialists at Clearbee to schedule your rubbish pick-up.


Plastic waste has a significantly negative impact on the environment. To help reduce the volume of plastics reduced, you can use alternative solutions such as using your own bags at the groceries store, purchasing reusable water bottles, and drinking out of a coffee thermos. At the office, put together a special team to help your employees or colleagues understand the negative impact of plastic waste on the environment and how they can contribute to protecting it. To recycle any plastic waste, choose Clearbee, which is a leading rubbish removal company in the UK.